What are dental implants?

  • Implants are made from the highest grade titanium and surgically implanted into the jaw bone to function like the root of the tooth.

  • They are placed in a dental office or surgeon's office using only local anesthesia

  • Generally, there is minimal post-operative pain or discomfort

When are dental implants used?

  • Dental implants are often the best available treatment option to replace a single or multiple missing teeth.

  • Dental implants are also a great option to help stabilize dentures or partials.

Are dental implants an option for you?

Implants are the best option if you:

  • want a long-term, easy to clean tooth replacement

  • are self conscious because of missing teeth

  • wear uncomfortable partials or dentures

Other dental and medical factors are considered when evaluating you as a candidate for dental implants. Call Dr. McGraw's office today to see if implants are an option to restore your beautiful smile!